jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

Since last Sunday, we are suffering at home the second cold of the baby's life.

Here are some of tricks that I've used and have worked more or less.

For the fever:
  • Remove some layers of clothes, sometimes to the bare minimum (only the nappy)
  • A warm bath (slightly colder than the usual)
  • Calpol (Seriously considering buying some Stock shares of this company)
  • Lots of liquid (colder than usual milk, water, diluted juice, etc.)
Remember that if the fever stays for over 3 days, you need to visit the doctor. And if it goes over 39 degrees better call your emergency services and check with them.

For the congested nose:
  • An onion cut in pieces so it "bleeds" next to his/her head.
  • Put some books under the top end of the cot and tilt it so the baby's head in higher than the feet.
  • Saline drops (Some babies hate it, some babies love it, but it works)
  • Some container with water over the radiator for having some steam in the room.
  • Snuggle baby ointment (for the chest, the back and the neck)
Note that if the baby is younger than 6 months the snuggle baby cannot be used on his/her skin, so put some on a handkerchief and attach it to the cot closer to the baby's head.

In general:
  • Try to make turns with your partner for calming the baby down. It will be a long night.
  • Make sure you are wearing warm clothes when you attend the baby: the steam and the fever will make you sweat and get cold yourself!!!
  • Patience, lots of it. You will get annoyed and sleepless for a few nights, but it gets better. Promise.

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