martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Easter treats

We may have not being treated very well by the weather, but at least we try to make it as much fun as possible.

On the Easter weekend, the Spanish mummies organised an Easter Egg hunt that went pretty well. We bought an Easter Egg hunt pack in Tesco that had 4 paper bags, 4 sets of cardboard eggs and some cardboard signs for signposting the Egg hunt route.

Because our little bunnies are still too young (between 25 and 12 months), we decided not to give them too many chocolate eggs and not to make it too difficult for the younger ones. So we prepared 3 bags with some treats (small chocolate eggs, a bubble maker, a sweet whistle and medium size chocolate egg) and added a big Peppa Pig egg for each of them (Naively, we thought we will end up eating most of the chocolate, oh, how wrong we were...).

While they were getting ready for the garden, I went out a left a cardboard egg of each colour in different areas of the garden, I used the signposts for indicating the route and giving lots of hints. It was not a difficult hunt at all, but they needed as much help as possible.

Eloi, the oldest one, leaded the hunt and found most of the eggs, and Julia loved the signs as she was recollecting them instead of the eggs. Santi was just so excited to follow the other two around the garden than he didn't even pay attention to the cardboards I was giving to him.

The hunt ended up in the kitchen, with our three little bunnies devouring the chocolate and then demanding to play with the bubble makers.

A lovely afternoon that I'm sure we will repeat once the Spring decides to stay here a little longer.

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