jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Lesson 1: Sleep, baby, sleep

Tonight has been the first night in 7 months that the baby has slept over 9 hours uninterrupted.
Yes, I am a new woman.
Yes, I am not sure if it would be repeated in the future.
Yes, I am aware of how pathetic my life looks just because I am celebrating a night of 8 hours sleep.

Being a working mum makes your life not easy, but having a sleepless baby makes your life a nightmare. And I can talk from experience.
My baby and I sleeping...

When the baby was born I expected to be awake every 3 hours for his feeds, then we moved into the bottle and we were managing 4-5 hours of sleep and they promised that when the solids will be introduced it will be 8-10 hours of sleep. That's not exactly true, but it does get better.

One of my biggest stresses during the last 7 months was that the baby was not sleeping as it should. There are lots of parents that tell you how great their babies sleep, that from the second week they have been sleeping from 8 to 8 and so an so.
Well, first of all, they must be very lucky, and secondly I think they are little liars. If you keep the conversation going you will easily notice that not ALL the nights they sleep like that, or that if there is no need for a feed means that they haven't woken up, etc. Or if their children were babies a long time ago, they probably don't remember the bad nights (I don't remember those every 2 hours feed nights and it is just 6 months ago!!!)

The baby (2 months old) sleeping after a bottle.

So, my first lesson for how to be a cool mum is: Do not get stressed about the sleeping routine. Sooner or later it will get better and you will forget all about it. Meanwhile, sleep while you can!

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