viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

My baby essential I (the clothes)

Some of my best friends are expecting a new baby, and I did this list for them months ago. I've been changing it based on my experience, but now it's pretty finished.

So, in sizes (0-3 months) this is what I recommend to get before the baby is here:
  • 4-6 sleep-suits (I got most of them from Primark and Tesco, good quality and great price)
  • 6-8 t-shirts/vests (best ones are the ones from H&M that zip on the front and the bottom, so you don't need to put baby's head through them) 
  • 3-4 trousers (best ones are Zara crawling trousers) 
  • 4-6 pairs of socks (you get them on size 1-6 months and you will use them a lot, my recommendation is Next, they are perfect!) 
  • 2-3 dungarees/trousers/jeans for smart dressing and going out 
  • 2-3 cardigans/jackets for going out. 
  • 1 all in one for going out (preferably plastic or fake fur outside to make it extra warm, Tesco has fantastic ones) 
  • 2-3 bibs (big and small ones for feeding, try to get some of them super absorbent) 
  • 1-2 hats & mittens
  • 1-2 Grobag (I quite like Tesco's version, but you find them everywhere) or fleece onesie (Primark has gorgeous ones)

For the bedding, here is my list:
  • 3 fitted sheets (I didn't use the flat sheets, as the baby was sleeping with the Grobag or under the blanket directly)
  • 5-6 blankets (Different sizes and fabrics: wool, fur, cotton, etc. and not too expensive so you don't feel bad when they get stained or you use them for the floor)
  • 6 muslims (I used them for under his head when he is sleeping, so I don't have to wash the sheets everyday, and in an emergency they can be used for cleaning the baby's puke)
  • 4 face towels (This is my "must", I used them for protecting us from the burps, for cleaning his face during the feeds or when he has puked something. They need to be super absorbent and in clear colors so they don't look dirty of milk too much)
This is how the baby's wardrobe looked three months before his arrival...

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