martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

My baby essentials II

We've talked about the essentials for clothing and bedding, but there are other stuff that are essential for a new one. Let's try to do now a list for toys, furniture and general stuff:

Furniture (very simple essentials):
  • A moses or mini-crib:I recommend the moses as you can move it around the house the first three months
  • A cot with 2 adjustable heights: Mine is convertible in a bed for the future, just trying to save some money :) 
  • A changing table: Simple, stable and if it has drawers or shelves under it, perfect for keeping the nappies, creams, etc.
The nursery was finished long after Baby arrived...

Toys (Essentials):
  • A baby bouncer or baby hammock: This is a "must". Perfect for keeping the baby safe when you need to do other stuff. I even bring it to the bathroom and leave the baby there while having a shower.
  • A baby gym: It is great for the baby to play during the first months. Safe and full of fun.
  • A rattler: I discovered that Baby preferred the hard plastic ones than the softies, but that depends on the baby.
  • Bottles: I recommend this even if you are breastfeeding. Because there may be situations that you won't be able to be there and you can always express some milk and use a bottle. My favourite brand is Avent. I bought the beginners kit with absolutely everything on it, and it has been the best deal ever! (Tesco has it now for £40!!!)
  • Sterilizer for bottles: See above!
  • Dummy: This is going to cause some controversy. But I am very pro-dummies, sorry, my husband is a dentist and he told me: "You can always remove a dummy but you cannot remove a finger". My favourite brand is MAM (I've tried all of them and Baby only wanted that one!)
  • A flask: Good for "on the go" but essential at my home for preparing the night feeds. We did not even have to leave the bed!!!
  • Milk Powder dispenser: I use Avent because it came with the kit but Tesco has cheap ones too. Always in conjunction with the flask for the night feeds...
So, what do you say? Do you have anything else to add?

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